I like the idea of Treasure being something so wonderful that people are constantly trying to contain it. The best kind of treasure is – allow me to get on my soapbox – shared; so that it may bring joy to many. That is my opinion and that is also my experience.  When I travelled to Paris last weekend (a bucket list oldie and part of my ‘living over grinding’ mantra) I was all consumed by the beautiful city; ticking off as many of its famed monuments and eating my body weight in salted caramel everything – that I almost forgot to visit the Passerelle de Solférino bridge. This is the bridge where couples and loved ones are known to attach a padlock to the bridge and launch the key into the river Seine* as a tribute to love.  

These metal displays on the bridge, for all to see, is such a beautiful and overwhelming sight. It’s a symbol something treasured so much that they want to bind it and keep it safe. TREASURES

*I may have made that bit up. But hey, I’m a romantic.

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the PEEP SHOW | Weekly Photo Challenge: One

shipIt’s a beauty.

Where:Göteborg What: The Viking (Barken Viking – BarqueWhen:Spring

Moored on the marina in Göteborg, Sweden this one ship is an illuminating and imposing silhouette when walking down along the water. I love the water, I’m naturally drawn to it and I think I’ll live somewhere like this one day (I do live 10 minutes away from the Thames river, but i figure I might even want a house by a lake one day). The Viking is definitely a hook and it kept us there taking photos and just listening to the water lap against its structure all day.



Weekly Photo Challenge | Layers | the Lady with the Layered Frames


Lady with the Layered Frames. 

This woman in all her glory has to be one of the coolest people I met in Berlin. 

Her triple layer framed glasses were extraordinary and unique and she made them herself! She oozed style, grace and smarts (all this I concluded after I bombarded her with questions about herself). I’m pretty sure I’ve posted her somewhere (probably here) before. I wish I took her name and details down to send this photo on to her. She’s gorgeous. 

Layers for wordpress challenge.