The Man Who Was Thursday (2016)


Writer/ Dir:Balazs Juszt | DOP: | Cast Francois Arnaud, Ana Ularu, Jordi Mollà and Mark Ivanir

The Man Who Was Thursday is a metaphysical thriller chronicling Father Smith’s Faustian descent into the Roman underworld. Following a disgraceful turn at his local parish Father Smith is called to Rome for spiritual rehabilitation. Upon his arrival, Charles, the man who introduced him to the faith, reveals the real reason Smith was brought to the Eternal City; to go underground and ascertain the mysterious leader of an anarchist group of renegades, whose leaders are each code-named after the days of the week. Smith accepts this mission and ultimately unearths the true leader of the group, but not before experiencing a litany of mind-bending twists and turns.

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DOP: Art Eng | Cast: Angus Macfadyen, Taylor Roberts, Harry Lennix and Kevin McNally.

Synopsis: MACBETH UNHINGED is a modern retelling of the classic Shakespeare play, set in a stretch limousine, which marauds through an abandoned modern American city, as its ambitious queen and increasingly isolated King lose their minds behind the tinted windows of elitist opportunity, and as the fabric of society becomes unhinged and falls apart before our eyes. Continue reading


New Film Production Company ‘PiaPressure’ submissions now open

pia pressure

Lack of funding is a problem many filmmakers come up against, leaving them with the problem of not being able to share their vision and creativity. Award winning filmmaker Pia Getty’s passion of finding the next generation of filmmakers and supporting creative talent, led to the start of ‘Pia Pressure’. A production company set up to support emerging talent and new voices to make exciting, poignant and original films.

Together with producer James Durrant and award winning director Johnny Kenton, both a notable supporters of the creative arts, Pia Pressure will act as a film and television production company with the aim of elevating emerging talent, female filmmakers and filmmakers from under represented backgrounds.

Last night, Pia Pressure was officially launched with a reception held at Covent Garden’s Hospital Club with industry professionals in attendance. The successful evening not only brought a number of creative people together, but also celebrated the birth of a company dedicated to providing support and creating a network within an ever growing industry. 

The company has introduced the Pia Pressure Awards, which offers the opportunity to receive investor funding and support. Each award winning team will receive up to £25.000 to fund their project and guide them as well. The winners will benefit from becoming life peers, joining Pia Pressure’s network. They will also be expected to give a small amount of time to help first timers, female filmmakers and filmmakers from under represented backgrounds. 

Applicants can apply here and submissions will be open until June 21st 2016


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.24.39

Writer/Director: Sallas De Jager |  Producer(s):Terwadkar Rajiv, Piet De Jager, Sallas De Jager | Dop:Tom Marais | Cast: Nicola Breytenbach, Andrew Govinder, Leleti Khumalo, Hemali Juta-Pillay, Mangesh Desai  and Deon Lotz. 

Free State plays at the Garden State Film Festival, 3rd April at 12.30pm

Ambitions and dreams lock horns with rules and expectations in this beautifully constructed South African film. 

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Director: Atul Malhotra | Cast: Rez Kempton, Sam Vincenti, Martin Delaney, Karen David, Laura Aikman with Meera Syal and Nina Wadia 

With over 1.4 million indian Punjabis in the UK, Indian cinema was always destined to thrive on British shores. But it’s been close to three decades that the British Indian-diaspora of filmmakers have taken hold of western audiences and gained consistent critical acclaim for being able to open its doors to film lovers from various backgrounds. Indian cinema in the UK, unlike other subcultures, has managed to successfully navigate the line between what it means to be British whilst staying authentically Indian.

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   Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 22.36.09

Web shows are where it’s at and more now than ever it’s the platform for filmmakers to collaborate, create and share the products that they want to see, with complete autonomy. 

Horizon hails from South West England – in this case, the story is set in Bristol (because why the hell not?) and as far as science-fiction disaster movies go, this has all the right elements of a decent one.

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