the TELEVISED | SCREW YOU HOLLYWOOD {said the advert that could}.

This three-minute advert is winning fans the worldwide for being containing more heart and quality than most Hollywood productions are able to produce in two and half hours. With a fraction of the budget, minimal cast and two locations it’s a powerful little film that once again brings many box office chasers to their knees.

Although the beautiful advert promotes “Giving” it is still a clever marketing ploy, created by Thai telecommunications giant True. Still it’s an ideology worth selling. 



This Autumn I have been given the privilege via hotminute and the TRASH BASH to attend the 21st annual Raindance Film Festival. Showcasing over 150 dramas, documentaries, comedies, thrillers and the rest the festival is also hosting a Webfest showing some of the most popular and new web series and films to hit the net.

A quick History: 

Founded by filmmakers for filmmakers the festival has since gone on to host seminars attended by then unknown directors such as Guy Ritchie, Matthew Vaughn and Christopher Nolan. Since 1993 the festival has annually introduced some of the hottest new filmmakers and films on the scene. Premiered hits include Pulp Fiction, Memento, the Blair Witch Project, Ghost World and Love Exposure.

In 1998 Raindance launched the British Independent Film Awards – a yearly industry event attended by the upper ranks of the UK moviemaking establishment. The BIFAs are now regarded as one of the penultimate awards in the world film calendar. Honours have included Ben Kingsley, Harvey Weinstein, Richard Curtis, and helped launch countless films including 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire.

I will be doing my best to review and share the films i have had the chance to see (hint: a lot) and championing the festival to anyone who will listen because that is the festival’s mission statement and it’s the kind I can get down with.


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Well, it is Sunday. This is just what I needed to hear before the new week rolls through.

She’s so confident, funny and honest and an advocate for hard work. Everything she says isn’t anything my parents, friends and acquaintances haven’t told me. It’s just nice to hear it again and this little video made me smile.

Happy Sunday.

the UNCATEGORISED| Flogging a dead horse called Miley, my light-bulb moment

What it boiled down to was a lack of respect for her younger fans, for the parents of her fans, for the women on stage and Black women all over the world. Why the choice to pick only black women with large butts? What stereotype was she trying to reinforce to elevate her new-found ghetto fab style?

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