Director: Kristian Håskjold| Writer(s): Kristian Håskjold, Trille Cecilie Uldall-Spanner| DOP:Christian Houge Laursen |Producer: Siri Bøge Dynesen| Cast: Ferdinand Falsen Hiis, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Henning Valin
After several years together, William and Cecilie break up. The same night, to treat the sorrow with love, they decide to do the drug MDMA together. For better or worse, this results in an emotional rollercoaster ride over a whole weekend as the two are isolated together in their apartment.
Forever Now (2017) is a love story. It’s an observation into the visceral, complex and confrontational connections between two people who love one another. However these two are breaking up, and it’s this particular catalyst that really aims to examine and evoke what love is. Does it really mean ‘forever’ – some unseen untouchable future? Or is it the now, the tangible present and the selective past. 

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