It’s that time of year every year – but I’m talking the autumn months – that’s when biggest film festivals come to the publics doorsteps and we get to bask in marvel of diverse, innovative and painstaking hard work that has gone in to every single film entered. I mean it. I write this blog, not to put films down but to share films that will always have an audience but rarely be given a platform or realm to be discussed and shared. Hence the sporadic nature of my posts. I tend to be busy during festival season, on here, but all year round I will keep you all updated with unknown, obscure and new cinema.

Independent cinema in particular, because I feel the stakes are higher yet limited for the array of struggling and unestablished filmmakers just trying to make work they (hopefully) love.

Hence why you’ll find most (if not all!) reviews on here written about fairly not judged and demeaned. I appreciate the art of film, the thrill in making and sharing film – the sometimes excruciating efforts in making something come to life on whatever budget.

I don’t believe in critiquing with nothing positive to say – I have never seen something so awful that there was nothing – absolutely not a single positive (even my number one hated Movie43 had at least one funny part…I’m sure…and I appreciated the concept) – So I celebrate the good the bad and the very ugly, because I think that’s important.


– The Trash Bash.