New dark comedy starring Eva Birthistle, Matt Berry and Antonia Campbell-Hughes premiering at Raindance Film Festival and nominated for Best UK Feature.  

“A dark comedy about love, loss and the aftermath of fame”

He was once a lead singer with adoring fans, now he’s just another forty-something guitarist struggling to launch a solo career. And, to make matters worse, his wife’s just left him for a woman. 

So he’s kidnapped them both and is driving out of London with a tub full of poison and enough antidote to save only two people. He’s going to poison all three of them, then they can all discuss what’s happened and decide who gets to be saved.


The original script weaves sharp humour into the traditional thriller genre, resulting in a very dark, very funny tale that builds to an unexpected and unforgettable climax. Its theme tackles the crisis in contemporary masculinity: what role can men usefully play in society? How do they respond to the rise of the “alpha woman”? And how do women respond to ‘middle youth’ men who won’t commit to parenthood or careers? 

The British premiere will be at the main Raindance Film Festival venue, the Vue Piccadilly, at 21.00 on Monday 28th September 2015 with a second screening on Sunday 4th October at 14.50 at the same cinema.    

The wife, Karen, is played by Eva Birthistle – who has won multiple awards and recently starred in Irish TV hit Amber. Probably best known as the lead in Ken Loach’s AE FOND KISS, she has starred in numerous TV and film dramas, winning London Film Critics Circle British Actress of the Year Award in 2004 and twice named IFTA Best Actress in a Leading Role (Film) award.

Karen’s lover Jamie is played by Antonia Campbell-Hughes, who was named as a Star of Tomorrow by Screen International. She has appeared in an array of TV series, including Spooks, Lewis and the sitcom Lead Balloon to great press acclaim. 


Mark, the kidnapping husband, is played by Paul Hilton, an Olivier Award-winning British stage actor who has also had key roles in critically acclaimed UK BBC drama series Twenty Twelve and recently starred in the feature film London Road.


Swansong also features acclaimed comedian Matt Berry, who won the BAFTA for Best Male Comedy performance earlier this year. He is a well known UK comedy actor who played Douglas on Channel 4’s THE IT CROWD and co-wrote and stars in Channel 4’s thespian themed comedy TOAST OF LONDON, as well as being part of the ensemble, together with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, in the BBC’s HOUSE OF FOOLS.



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