PRESS RELEASE| FRINGE! Film Festival LDN partners with LDN-SYD based viewing platform FilmDoo!



 London and Sydney-based online film viewing and discovery platform FilmDoo has forged a partnership with this year’s Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Festival in London, hosting the festival’s closing night film, Simo Halinen’s multi Jussi award-winning OPEN UP TO ME (pictured), a Finnish tale that follows a transgender woman and a married man, whose affair has unexpected consequences for all involved. The film, repped by Scandi sales outfit Yellow Affair, will have a day and date release on FilmDoo in November. 

“We are delighted to be working with FilmDoo on the UK premiere of Simo Halinen’s wonderful Open Up to Me as our closing film for 2014. We were moved and inspired by this funny and touching portrayal of a trans* woman taking control of her life.” said Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest director Alex Karotsch 

“Our aim at FilmDoo is to explore new realms of cinema and to make it possible to learn, discover and share films from different backgrounds, communities and sexualities” said Filmdoo co-founder Weerada Sucharitkul “Fringe! Festival has a real energy about it and we‘re delighted to have this excellent Finnish film premiere at their festival” 

Adds FilmDoo Head of Programming Simon Savory, “Transgender rights and issues have been under the spotlight recently across the political spectrum and in the media, so it’s a pleasure to have a strong, positive feature film portrayal of these themes closing the festival and available to view at FilmDoo”

 FilmDoo also closed a major output deal with the UK’s Peccadillo Pictures (WEEKEND, STRANGER BY THE LAKE, TOMBOY), agreeing to host 150 of their films, plus more than one hundred short films.

 “We want to be the go-to place for LGBTQI film“ says FilmDoo co-founder Will Page, ”and we’re not stopping there. With our remit being independent, art-house and non-mainstream cinema, we‘ll be hosting more exciting films in the months to come.”

OPEN UP TO ME premieres on November 9th at the Hackney Picturehouse, and will be available to view at


“Maarit (Leea Klamola) has successfully managed to live what she considers a double life – a male body transformed into an attractive and intelligent woman. Maarit’s new life and body have come with a considerable price, as many transgendered individuals have discovered. An estranged wife and daughter, the feeling of being a stranger in a familiar but cold world, and a nagging conscience to confess her sexual identity to would-be employers and those who try to get too close are but a few of the burdens Maarit must bear. Maarit’s life take an unexpected turn the day her employer, a therapist, leaves town on an emergency and entrusts Maarit to secure the office after she is done cleaning it. A man in the midst of a marital crisis enters unexpectedly seeking solace from the absent therapist but finding only Maarit, whose compassionate nature compels her to try to help the man. In doing so, her natural sense of sexual curiosity leads her into a new realm of temptation and quickly learns that all is not what it seems with this man, who turns out to have deep inhibitions of his own and contends with elements of his professional and personal life in which Maarit becomes dangerously entwined. Past events clash with the present, and Maarit’s life becomes a turbulent whirlwind. Not one to live an existence of servitude to the expectations of a regimented society, she makes the bold decision to come to complete terms with the world around her and reconcile with those for whom she truly cares, and in doing so proves that true character is measured from the inside out. A gritty and emotional film, Open Up to Me is an exceptionally well-written and directed film that has made its North American premiere at the Palm Springs International Film festival. “

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