ima0723 I Origins_Raindance (1)I Origins opens up the 22nd Raindance Festival 2014 Tonight.

Tap image for trailer.

With the festival opening comes a host of brilliant films from all over the world, that I’ve got my eye on to see and share.

Here are some my top picks…


During deeply intimate conversations with the filmmaker after she learns she is going to die, Kazuko challenges cultural and social norms speaking candidly about her own life and death while she grapples with what it means to be honest and live happily.  As she nears the end of her life, through observations about love, money, marriage and death, Kazuko develops a deeper intimacy both with herself and the filmmaker, while inviting the viewer to deeply consider their own life.  And death. – Director Ian Thomas Ash

I’m a fan of Ian’s. His documentary film A2-B-C  was one of the most honest, eye-opening and, importantly, informative films I had seen last year, and since. I look forward to supporting and championing his work further.

Like the Wind

‘Like The Wind’ chronicles the sorrowful life of Armida Miserere – one of Italy’s first female prison governors. – Raindance.org
From what I’ve read, I’m promised a harrowing, frustrating and, hopefully, vengeful watch – think KILL BILL without the pretentious (but awesome) trimmings . Women characters who aren’t just ‘strong’ but are written with layers for us to sit and watch fall away. And Composer Shigeru Umebayashi (‘House of Flying Daggers’) scoring this Italian feature will be the cherry on what will be a bitter-sweet cake.


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 14.42.10

Dave McKean’s second cinematic feature is a mix of live action and animation like his groundbreaking debut, MirrorMaskLuna follows four people residing in the English seaside where dreams take fruition in the real world where old wounds are revisited. It sounds magical and I’m looking forward to being transported into McKean’s unique and mesmerising worlds once again.  – Click here for the Luna website to read more.


Scared Sperm

Exactly what it says: – 

An eye-opening documentary explaining the concept of ‘sacred sperm’ within the ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community. – Raindance.org

I love a documentary that tells me something I don’t know. A subject that I am completely clueless about that offers to share experiences of other subjects, people and cultures I may have never had an opinion of before.


A thriller with a hardline social commentary? A British kitchen sink drama? A stylised documentation of street crime and grime? Panic sounds like it could be all of those things and none of them. Written and directed by Sean Spencer, Panic is Centered on a borderline agoraphobic journalist who, after watching the world go by through a pair of binoculars, witnesses the brutal kidnapping of his neighbour and must overcome his fears of the outside world to help find her.  It’s Rear Window meets Dirty Pretty Things.  Starring the always brilliant British rising actor, David Gyasi (‘The Cloud Atlas’, ‘Interstellar’), means that this is a film not to be missed with potential festival award status written all over it.

Tap image for trailer. 


Polish cinema won me over last year with the festival’s dedicated Polish strand and some cracking entries. The Word continues to set the bar high for quality productions coming from the country with this revenge thriller directed by Anna Kazejak and penned by Magnus Von Horn. 

It tells the story of a broken-hearted young woman, unceremoniously abandoned by her lover who, as a consequence, experiences her scorn.

So that’s some of my picks out of many for the two-week festival.

All films we be showing at the Raindance Film Festival. Vue Cinema, Piccadilly, London.

Visit the website or head to the box office to buy tickets. All on sale now. 

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