It’s familiar, but that’s ok. Most of the music I love, I love because I’ve heard something like it before. Rarely does something unlike anything come around. But if that sounds like a backhanded compliment, then so be it.

I don’t think Shura is claiming to be the next best thing or the revolutionary the music industry so badly thinks it needs, clue: it doesn’t; we live in a world where there is literally something for everyone and that is such a crazy notion to comprehend sometimes that we revert to complaining that everything is the same. We’re basically spoilt for choice and I honestly believe people don’t realise it.

Back to Shura. The London born artist with a voice like “ahhh”. Provocative and dreamy. On my music for lovers’ playlist she accompanies people like Frank Ocean, Rhye, Dev Hynes, Haim, College and Desire. She joins the impressive stream of similar groove inducing female artists i’ve been on this year BANKS, MAPEI, JEHNE AIKO, F.K.A.Twigs, SAY LOU LOU and EMILY KING

Touch debuted back in the early part of 2014, since then Shura has released Just Once – a self-proclaimed prequel to the longing declaration of ‘Touch’.

It chronicles an inescapable attraction between lovers, despite time past, and the forlorn admission of the end of an intimate relationship; it’s gorgeous. The video reminds me of that recent viral film that went around displaying random people kissing on camera. Except this is done in front of pastel coloured backdrops, with slow pans between the lips of beautiful young things – like if ASOS were to get all their models together and decide to make a music video. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, or liking – but that’s the world for you – we’re spoilt for choice.

I look forward to seeing her live in London in November.


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