I found this beautifully shot film the other day. I swear, Vimeo, Soundcloud and Medium are like a daily must for me. I always find great work by up and coming writers, filmmakers and musicians. Watch and read the directors synopsis below. Then why not check out more of his work? Good for the soul. 

Essence Man (a film by Olan Collardy) from olan collardy on Vimeo.

Synopsis: Like his Spartan predecessor, the Essence Man leaves no room for error neither compromise on the battleground. He awakes early in the day, focused and contemplates the battle at hand. He searches his armoury for the most suitable tools and weaponry that will give him a competitive advantage over his opponent in the heat of battle. He is also aware that the battle isn’t only won with physical strength but more so with a sound mind. He prepares mentally and strategies. When the battle cry rings in the city, he is holistically ready and proceeds to his awaiting chariot to be transported to the battlefront.

The narrative develops in a symphony of four movements | Introspection: Man awakes and contemplates the task ahead of him; the Power Lunch | Preparation: He meticulously peruses his wardrobe for the most appropriate attire that would put him in good stead for the power lunch | Mind Growth: Once physically prepared, he puts his mind in gear and strategizes | Procession: In the final movement, he proceeds to his awaiting vehicle in orderly fashion, to be transported to the battle at hand.

Camera: Canon 5DmkIII (with Magic Lantern RAW hack) | Lens: Canon 24L, Canon 35mm f/2, Samyang 35mm T1.5, Canon 50mm f1.3, Canon 100L | Graded in Davinci Resolve | Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Written/Directed by Olan Collardy | Creative Direction by Ade Udoma | Produced by Lucas Bitencourt | Styled by Essence London |