Light-bulb moment.

I think it’s good to experience one of these every now and again. Even if it’s as silly as working out a phrase or a sentence someone said in passing. I tend to have light-bulb moments about life lessons. Worry: it doesn’t get you anywhere; in the New Testament it says worrying can’t bring back an hour of your life, it’s a concept not an action – a complete waste of time. So true. It’s so obvious but it’s also so easily forgotten in this day and age. I have so many goals, stories and pictures in my head, that start off strong, that, like the photo, go through a long wave of thought processes until one makes it through just as bright and encourages me to push on to the next. I still get anxiety about the littlest things, but I have to remind myself that I can either push on or let myself be consumed by something that is never going to eradicate those arbitrary thoughts and feelings. I’m currently mentally checking off some great achievements. Some I hadn’t even planned for. And it’s such a wonderful feeling.


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