tai is my homegirl You may have noticed my new header; it’s a title cut out from the image above.  I created it on the wonderful Pixelmator software on my MacBook Pro. Clueless has special place in my heart forever, and though it was usually default for my white friends to call me Dionne (not that I hated it, Stacy Dash is incredibly gorgeous) but deep down I always felt more affiliation with Tai (Brittany Murphy). Passion for a spliff over a pair of tartan mini skirts, I’ll admit the comparisons are limited. However her dopey expressions; scruffy tom boy look; her petite frame; her eagerness to improve herself and her overall goofiness when it came to Marvin the Martian, all seemed much more within reach than the rich valley beauties of Cher and ‘D’. And look at her face above – she’s talking trash and she’s got everyone hooked and she’s just so frigging cute doing it. So I thought it was apt to be used in my title. So there you go.



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