Crazy in love with YONCÉ

I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard Bee Army or Bey-hive or whatever those crazed fans of Queen B / Beyoncé  call themselves. However I do own two of her albums, one being her début solo and another a present from my sister who knew I had some affection for Mrs Carter. However I’d always put it down to a few songs here and there that really got me going, but never could bring myself to go and buy her album or purchase a concert ticket myself. December 2013 saw her unsuspectingly drop a new album; this time though it came with an hours footage of videos to accompany each track. Believe me when I tell you each film is better than the one before and not necessarily in that order. It’s a thing of such artistic reverence, everything you can’t deny Beyoncé  clearly works hard to emanate; this album marks a significant milestone in Beyoncé’s career. It’s darker, exciting and bold (yes even for a powerhouse that she already is) and I’m hooked.  Just take a look at some of the GIF images taken from a few of the videos below; I am a big advocate of music and film coming together to create stunning creations – it’s her best work yet.


[all images courtesy of Beyoncé  Knowles and her self entitled album Beyoncé  ]


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