Adult Wednesday Addams

HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! Or if you prefer not to celebrate or even acknowledge the once spiritual (and morbid) day, now replaced with the Americanized tradition of donning an ill-fitting witch costume or, dare I say it, dressing up as pop star – (pray tell, what is so scary about leaving your house dressed as David Bowie the 70’s era?) then let’s just call this a Friday, and let  me direct you to my new fave mini web show:

Adult Wednesday Addams!

The Addams Family movies, circa late 80’s early 1990’s, were box office hits. One of the most iconic cinematic characters in pop culture is the wonderfully dry Wednesday Addams. She may have ignited a few budding feminist fires back then, and she’s in my list of favourite characters of all time (right between Melvin Udall in As Good As it Gets and Bogotá from The Royal Tenenbaum’s), she’s that special to me. When I found out that there was a tribute of sorts to what Wednesday would be like as an Adult, I knew I was already won over.

Created and starring comedy writer and actress, Melissa Hunter, Wednesday Addams is reborn! I have to say, it’s a bold move, considering how popular the character (a role portrayed at its peak by Christina Ricci). Hunter is brilliant as the forever pigtail-ed porcelain skinned oddball. If Wednesday was to grow up, this is exactly how I would picture her to be. 

Follow Adult Wednesday and her quest for independence, as she settles into her new life in LA, doing all the monotonous things normal people do, such as looking for a new home; interviewing for a job; meeting blokes; walking the dogs… and doing the walking dead of shame (I’m not sorry). 

Ironically, it will leave you smiling, even if you’re Wednesday doesn’t have a special place in your heart. Quick catch New episodes of ADULT WEDNEDSAY ADDAMS every Wednesday until Halloween.*

*Ok so the internet is eternal, so I guess you don’t have to rush, but you should definitely check it out. 

follow Melissa here @melissaftw