the UNCATEGORISED | DEAR THE SUN … An Open Letter regarding Mental Health.

I don’t read The Sun newspaper but you can count on it and like-minded tabloids to conjure up some buzz with their increasingly bizarre, careless and thoughtless headlines.

This week the daily UK red top posted this:

sabotage times

So in a year of Open Letters between people we are sick of hearing about, a mastermind from the Sabotage Times site, decided to have their say and penned a funny, provoking letter to the paper about an issue much more weighty.

I love it when the public fight back on issues that were once taboo; with the power of the internet, social networks and vast access for individuals to go and  find out more on topics beyond what the papers tell us to believe, we get frank and open discussions about issues that have been marginalised and reduced to baseless words such as the one used in this headline. I haven’t actually read the article, but the headline is so dangerous and misleading, I’m glad they’ll get called up on it.

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