the DAILY PROMPT | Mary and Lamb

Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph:


Mary and her little lamb had taken a wrong turn, that much was obvious.

She took out her phone and scrolled through the colourful glossy screen until the ‘maps’ icon popped up. “It says turn left, then up ahead.” She mulled over the slow-moving blue line and red dot on her phone screen. “Maybe if I turn it this…” She spun the phone around in her hand, holding it out moronically like it was a metal detector.

The little lamb bleated into the nothingness ahead of them; a long black road that disappeared behind a clump of trees on the roadside, “I know, I know – we’re lost.” She tapped the phone off and shoved it into the front pouch of her dirt stained dungarees, she’d borrowed it from her older brother and after a year had never given them back.

“Ok, well let’s go this way, it’s getting dark and I’m hungry, you’re hungry” The lamb indicated this was the case but refused to move when she tugged at its cord. “Come on lamb, or I’ll have to eat you to appease my grumbling stomach” The bleated ceased, and for a moment she thought it was testing her, but it ambled on, allowing Mary to hurry up beside it.

They should have reached their destination by now, it was supposed to be a sit down meal at Red’s house across the woods and down the main road. They had hit an intersection that had not been on Red’s instructions, and seeing as she had no bars on her phone at that point, Mary had made the decision to go down the rabbit hole road. On route she had climbed a beanstalk to get a better look at her surroundings but her lamb, sure enough, just had to go up too and it had taken them a full hour to make it back down. When they had made it to safe ground, it had gotten dark. Now they were stranded and unable to travel into the woods. It was never safe to travel in the woods after sunset.

So she was walking the road to nowhere, with directions that were untrustworthy and a four-legged companion that refused to leave her side. Illusions of them meeting a tragic end weaved in and out of her mind. She mentally drew up a plan of action incase they ran into goblins, crazed woodcutters, or troublesome witches. She tried to call Red a few times but was never connected. “Thanks for coming to my rescue Red, as always, can rely on you to help a friend in need.”, she huffed, looking at lamb’s face as she trailed on “What? She’d throw me to the wolves if it meant she’d have to give up her precious time out of her silly party to come and get me”

Just then there were lights up ahead. Blinding lights that, in the looming darkness, was so brilliant that all Mary and lamb could do was stand there and bathe in its warmth. ” She smiled into it’s glare, the sound of it’s honking drowned out lamb’s nervous bleats. If she hadn’t realised at the last second that it wasn’t showing any signs of stopping she froze. She could just about make out the gruff face of the bearded woodcutter inside but before it was too late Mary was suddenly yanked to to the ground.

The horns of the large vehicle wailed behind them as it passed and swerved into the road ahead sending large logs cascading into the road. All Mary could do was lie there, on the damp roadside heap of leaves she had landed on. Lamb stood visibly shaking over her, its black eyes illuminated by fear and the reflection of her face. “He tried to hit me with a forklift!” Lamb bleated into her face, “okay, us, it tried to hit us.”


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