the UNCATEGORISED | Practice Makes Perfect?

You know just last night I attended my first Opera at my local theatre The Young Vic. The performance was called American Lulu and it was conducted by Olga Neuwirth. The musicians were lit beautifully, and played beautifully and the one thing I came out thinking was, “I wish I could play an instrument.”

Not just any instrument, but the kind you could join an orchestra with; a flute or a trumpet, a cello or a harp (like how many people can actually play the harp and play it well?).


American Lulu orchestra packing up. Apologies for the composition, I wasn’t supposed to be taking snaps…

However the one instrument that took my breath away had to be the violin. I know it’s so predictable, but it’s such a beautiful looking instrument and can make such a string of sounds (sorry) it’s also single-handedly the most elegant instrument that also happens to evoke an array of emotions from plucking and sawing. What?!



10 thoughts on “the UNCATEGORISED | Practice Makes Perfect?

  1. And I have heard from the person who taught us Guitar, that violin is the most difficult of all string instruments. And yes, it can capture any kind of emotions, but is mostly used for sad ones

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  4. My daughter recently introduced me to the violin music of Lindsey Stirling (check YouTube) and I agree with your admiration for that instrument.

    As for talent, you can write and you do it well. And there are many who would be envious of that.

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