the UNCATEGORISED | Daily Prompt: in denial about SUNDAYS

sunday*this photo was taken on a lovely sunday, which I didn’t want to end, spent listening to music, eating good food with close friends in a North West London pub.*

I’m in denial about what Sundays actually mean. We all think the same, Sundays are for Church; Sundays are for family meals; Sundays are for relaxing; Sundays are for bed – for most of us Sundays are peaceful days. 

However I sometimes feel like I’m in denial about how Sundays makes me feel. A day when you do nothing, means that more time is spent thinking about Monday. You’re not busy so naturally your mind wanders into the week ahead, before you know it this glorious Sunday is just hours, minutes and seconds – it’s like a countdown, you suddenly feel the pressure to savor it, but you are in denial. As I get older, Sunday’s are beginning to feel like the first day of the week.

*thekickback is an event held every summer by the fantastic people from Ivy Munro


14 thoughts on “the UNCATEGORISED | Daily Prompt: in denial about SUNDAYS

  1. Agree with what you said about Sunday starting to feel like the begining of the week. All I do on Sunday is stress about Monday and by end of the night it feels like my week truly has already started!

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