the PEEP SHOW | Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This image is a snap of what’s left of the place I used to call Girl Guides. As I was walking past, I noticed the doors were open. It’s been shut for over ten years so naturally I was curious to look inside.


I stopped attending the guides at the age of 15. A culmination of hanging out with friends, exams and general laziness stopped me from going. When I did attend, I had a great time. It’s a place I consider as a key moment in my life, I learned a lot from the people I met there and a lot about the person I could be at such a young age and regardless of my gender.

It was place of real camaraderie and reverence – so to see how it looks now is quite sad and eerie. I think it’s just another blow to me recognising the wane of my mortality (sorry to sound dark) but also that in my lifetime I knew this place to look so different, and over the years it’s been reduced to a hollow shell of what it once was. Someone born in the last decade will never know it to have been so, to them, like it was for me to walk past so many decrepit old buildings from Dickens’s Victorian Southwark, this building is just a creepy empty building with a history of some sorts. That history only ended in 2003!

5 thoughts on “the PEEP SHOW | Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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  4. What a great story behind this photo! I know what you mean when thinking about how fast 10 years goes by, and how it makes you think about your mortality. That’s something I love about photography, that image can last much longer than me!

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