Weekly Writing Challenge: Backward

Instead of starting at your story’s Big Bang, drop us off right at the End of Time: the final line of a conversation, the last, dramatic moment of a journey, the messy aftermath of a wild night out. Then, devote the rest of your post to showing us how you got there.
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Call a spade a spade
Tristan left me there cradled on the bed, to him I was just  a messy heap waiting to be removed by the housemaids and deposited into the laundry bins. I was still shaking, my hair had unravelled and traces of my lame attempt at make-up left imprints on the crumpled white sheets.
The smell of him lingered, catching me on a wave so overwhelming that I started to cry.  My heart beat so hard and so fast, I moaned for it to stop. I let the dark descended around me. I felt him move around in the blackness but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. Instead I bit my lip and clenched the pillow between my arms and pretended to slip into a deep sleep. In my mind’s eye Louella’s face appeared, i couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. The extreme shock she would display seeing me with him, us like this in the Big House. Then my thoughts turned to that horrid painting of Great Uncle Silas. Watching, all-knowing. 

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