the MUSIC | Monday Moonwalking: Somethings never seem to f*cking work

It’s been so long since I posted an alliterated title music post. I’m currently jamming to the Solange Knowles album True. It’s the perfect blend of soul, pop and rhythm and blues. Everything about Solange barring her style is underrated. Being the sister of one of the most famed singers in history comes with constraints no doubt.  However she is slowly paving a path for herself in the fashion and music world. 

You may not be a fan of Beyonce’s wailing, but Solange offers up a more varied alternative sound. 

Somethings never seen to f*cking work – is such a striking, bold  title. The song is surprisingly catchy, with its lyrical simplicity it reminds me of the kind of pop songs young women with large beehives and mini skirts would sing about love in the 60s. It also sounds a lot like the debut song from the album Losing Youbut that’s not a bad thing. The song also features the sexy monologue of Dev Hynes (lightspeed champion) who also produced the album, giving it a bit more of a 80s, chaka khan vibe too.


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