the TELEVISED | Trailer Tuesday

Following up from my last list here | I’ve unintentionally decided to do it on a Sunday (Yay for progress!)

dealin with idiotsDealin with idiots

A film that clearly has all the makings of being a tv show, Dealin’ with Idiots looks like a solid satire about built around the culture of minor league Baseball, from the eyes of a group of grumbling adults. Now if, like me, you enjoy Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Louie CK and everything by Larry David, Nick’s and/or Schmidt’s* on the New Girl, then this is the comedy to see.

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*All men. Ugh.

drinking buddies Drinking buddies

Okay… So I just raved about New Girl’s Jake Johnson (Nick) being an enjoyable part of the show for me, now he’s in a movie. The last film I saw him in was Paper Heart (2009), so I’m excited to see him something… else. A story about a guy and a girl, working in a brewery whose very close friendship comes under fire as they each embark on their respective relationships outside of the life they’ve unknowingly built together.   Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick are some of the actresses of the moment, having said that, I  haven’t had a chance to see their work (FYI: The OC and Twilight are not good examples) So I’m looking forward to seeing them battle it out for Jake Johnson’s affection, or not, feminism… or whatever. The premise may not be original or even enticing, but it looks like someone will get hurt… Unless this film goes completely My Best Friend’s Wedding on us and becomes a back-handed happy ending where the people we know could be together and probably should be together actually don’t get together? mind *BLOWN*

The Delivery ManDelivery Man

Oh lord, is that Vince in another dumb comedy about a man-child trying to find a way to atone for his past discretion and grow up? Well, why change something that makes you money said no one, ever… Apart from Vin Diesel who is like the King of bad Franchises’ a good thing ? No – in all seriousness Vince Vaughn is really good at the perpetual college boy role, and I don’t begrudge him of it, I blame Hollywood for not giving the guy a chance, but then, Owen Wilson got to break away with Marley and Me and Midnight in Paris… Whatever, this is on my list because I honestly need to know how a film about a guy who fathered 533 children via sperm donations finds himself facing a lawsuit to reveal his identity by a disappointing 142 of them, plays out.
Give me what you’ve got Vaughn.

Baggage ClaimBaggage Claim

Like the above film mentioned, I’m partial to a bit of silly and a bit of loving and city lights, sexy single lady type of film; I LOVE Jill Scott and Paula Patton is inoffensive, but wait, is that Seth from The OC? Is that Seth from The OC playing a lame and cringe worthy Gay friend in what looks like Brad Goreski’s entire wardrobe? I digress, beautiful people, cool music, upbeat vibe and predictable ending makes for great future background/ sick/rainy day film fodder. This won’t be that expensive to buy when it hits DVDs in less than a year, and when it does, I will probably add it to my background film fodder collection with pride.

captain phillipsCaptain Phillips 

Tom Hanks. As a Captain. Hostage. Somali pirates. Based on a true story. WIN. What I am interested to see, is how they play this story out. If anyone thinks that the very real problem of Somali pirates off the coast of Africa is a good vs evil premise, then I’d be the first to roll my eyes and argue that this is not the case. Knowing Hanks public output to be a reputable and philanthropic one, I wonder if he’d get on board (pun most definitely intended) with a Hollywood depiction that sought to vilify something that is one branch of a very serious, complex World issue. Something tells me that even if they don’t completely make the pirates seem like the all out bad guys, they will most definitely make Richard Phillips look like an American hero and American defiance and how much better they are than the rest of the world… Again.

Enders-Game-2013Enders Game 

I never read the series. I probably never will, I have so many things to read first, and although the world has seen tons of Young Adult novels turned into movies and some disastrously, nonetheless I have a special affinity to this film. The lead is played by the awesome Asa Butterfield, who was but a tiny human when I was working for the production company producing BBC’s Merlin. He was the best behaved, humble child in the room and the 22-year-old me was grateful that he wasn’t a bratty stage school child I had to pretend to like. Needless to say, he got the job and has gone from strength to strength as an actor. He was terrifying in Merlin, stunning in The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas and mesmerising in HUGO. I think a renowned and well-loved book adaptation like this will catapult him to new levels of stardom, I’m curious to see just how far he’s come. Plus this looks like the action/sci-fi I love and the cast is superb.

12 years A Slave12 years a Slave

When i wrote this, the movie hadn’t even hit previews yet. Now, right this second as I type, it’s been seen and critiqued and reviewed by hundreds of film fans and from what I’ve read, it’s all good in the 12 year-slave hood (sorry no i’m not). Directed by the fearless and unapologetic filmmaker Steve McQueen, the  title is, according to what I have read, exactly what the film is about. In a year after the revenge of Django  and the regretful admission of Lincoln,  this film is all about the woeful beginning, the horrible unjust middle and the bittersweet end of slavery in the US. From what the trailer shows us I don’t even think there is any rejoicing at the end, just relief. It’s definitely the film of the year for me.


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