Can you tell me what the hell this is all about? How is J.J. Abrams so good at baiting, hooking and reeling us in time after time?

With the perfect Michael Giacchino score (reminiscent of LOST, Super 8 and Felicity) it’s the perfect combo that got us hooked on the aforementioned productions in the first place.

I’ve read everything from Aquaman tv show; The Crow; Starman; Stranger (1973 pilot); Scarecrow (wizard of Oz origin type story) to …Star Wars.

Did anyone notice how the text at the end looked like it was lifted from a book? Apparently Abrams has a co-pro in a book coming out in October called ‘S’ – my guess is maybe this particular trailer is a chapter from the book called: ‘Stranger’ and all we’re hearing is the narrators voice over a cleverly live action synopsis. Marketing a book with one of the world’s leading directors and twist-makers? This is surely what you’d get?


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