In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo that means CAREFREE to you!

I attended Holi Festival of Colours in London last weekend; there couldn’t be a better way to capture a carefree experience than this. We Brits love a good festival. It’s an excuse for us to drink, dance and come together with good intentions and the sole purpose to feel part of a collective that just wants to have fun. 

Holi in south Asia aimed to bring people from all walks of life together, with a common purpose, to celebrate the beginning of the new season – Spring. The colours represent equality, celebrating diversity.

This festival took place in South West london by the iconic Battersea Power Station, with live music and plenty of ground to stomp and shout.

I was between a rock and a hard place trying to capture the moment, because I didn’t want to miss the moment. I kind of like how the photo turned out though because it’s exactly how everything looked when the coloured powders were thrown up into the air.


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8 thoughts on “the PEEP SHOW | CAREFREE

  1. The colors are part of Indian culture, have an especially beautiful splendor that has been captured in the photograph. beautiful festive occasion all aspiring union between people, peace and harmony …

    • My dream is to go and see the festival in its birthplace. Though it was an experience and fun to see there was something spiritual and sincere missing from the adopted festival in London.

      • I think the realities arise in the place we have the opportunity to appreciate, that occurred in London and it was worth it, leave encourage you to experience it in their home, but sometimes, you need not go far to find himself and just enjoy the moment it reaches and illuminates … excuse my English, I translate because it is very basic, Greetings

      • You put it wonderfully. I understand that it shouldn’t really matter where you are to appreciate and celebrate. Thats the whole point of spiritualism, it’s omnipresent. Thank you for your comments, please come again x

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