Every now and again I like to procrastinate compile a Future Film Fix list. The FFF list is finalised after reading a bunch of taster features, hearing other people talk about movies that snag my interest and seeing a bunch of trailers. I know I shouldn’t judge a film just by its trailer and I’ve paid for it . However the trailer is still the most exciting part before seeing a film, that’s the whole point, the bonus is that the whole film is even better. Here is my Future Film Fix list and their respective trailers (click the titles) that I will parting with my dear hard-earned cash to watch in the cinema this year. Don Jon –  photo sourced from:  These days, JG-L is a ‘make or break’ talent for me when it comes to me asking:

“Meh – but who’s in the film?”
“Joseph Gordon-Le -”

Don Jon not only stars the charming Gordon-Levitt, it’s written and directed by him too. It also stars one of my favourite actresses Scarlett Johannson. WIN. Upside Down: photo sourced from: Unlike J-GL and Scar-Jo – this film stars two people I simply have never warmed to on-screen. Jim Sturgess I just don’t get – up until Cloud Atlas in fact – but that was because I had a lot of other better people to focus on, and I kind of liked the film so whatever. Kirsten Dunst and I haven’t been friends since she Jumanji – there are undisclosed feelings from my childhood towards Ms Dunst that will never be resolved, but even I know she’s a decent actress.  Upside Down looks amazing. Like Oblivion I just know its set up to be a stunner on-screen, boasting shots worthy of any Christopher Nolan/James Cameron movie, and though the Romeo and Juliet thing has been done to death (and even done for real this year…), this aesthetic twist has definitely won me over. IMAX BOOKED. Wolf of Wall Street – photo sourced Leo Dicaprio hasn’t won an Oscar, and it pisses me off. This is the kind of film that the aptly named Wall Street 2 (it was a number 2 in more ways than one) should have been. I can see it. Oliver Stone there is no excuse for the turd you pulled out; Wolf of Wall Street scares me; to know that people could be this smart, greedy, debauched and reckless? based on the life of  Jordan Belfort, the same guy who’s dirty dealings inspired the fantastic film Boiler Room (2000)! A clearly star turn from Matthew Mcconaughey (who I would like to point out is back in the serious acting game and rightly so)  Directed by Scorsese!!!I can’t wait. The Butler – photo sourced from: 2013 movie poster Forest Whittaker TICK; David Oluweyo TICK; James Marsden, John Cusack, Alan Rickman, Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey…TICK TICK TICK TICK…TICK. This film has Oscar nomination written all over it and sometimes the trailers come off conceited. Since The Help a few years back, followed by Lincoln and Django Unchained last year, there is a new host of films centered on Black struggle. Three of them all about men (12 Years A Slave, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and The Butler) and three (Half A Yellow Sun included) directed by Black Male Directors. It’s a bittersweet pill, the chances they are given as much attention to make films outside of stories like these is slim, but at least these films look like quality productions. The Butler is directed by, Lee Daniels (Precious: Based on the Novel by PushThe PaperboyFruitvale StationAugust: Osage County and Beloved!) a fantastic director who is also Black. That shouldn’t even matter because the trailer has already had me in tears. Jobs –  photo sourced from: Never in a million years did I think I’d be saying this but Ashton Kutcher actually makes me want to watch this. The anticipated semi-biopic about the genius that was Steve Jobs and the birth of Mackintosh/Apple – will be intriguing to all. Especially because his concept essentially pioneered and has continued to influence the way we interact in today’s world and because Jobs death is still so recent.  This list is TBC…next Tuesdayobviously.


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