I mentioned it in my top films that I had seen at the London East End Film Festival a month ago.

Directed by Noah Baumbach and co-written by Greta Gerwig (who also stars as the sanguine title character) , this is the second movie since the duo worked together on the critically acclaimed Greenberg.
The ‘Girls’ thing
Let me start off by putting an end to the discussion of this being a replica of Lena Dunham’s HBO show GIRLS. 
Frances huh?
Frances is a 27-year-old largely optimistic and ambitious woman living in shoebox apartment with the love of her life, her best friend, Sophie. It’s like the odd couple but without the bitterness because this duo are each others better halves, sharing cigarettes, sharing beds; Sophie regaling dreams of a better life for the two of them and Frances explaining to anyone outside of their pairing  how their camaraderie  ers on the wrong side of a full-blown love affair. On one hand it’s a love story on the other it’s a very late coming of age story. This one being the Bermuda triangle of your late twenties OR as I have coined it: A Milestone Movie©.
The odd couple + the break up
Physically, Frances and Sophie are like the quintessential perfectly imperfect comic duo. Sophie is waif-like bespectacled brunette pursuing a career in publishing – she actually looks like one would expect a librarian to look like . Frances on the other hand is goofy, almost like a 90s stoner with her messed up blonde locks and her carefree movements, she’s actually more agile and explosive than her appearance would have us believe – she is an aspiring dancer after all. It’s an odd match; at the same time it’s these conventional assumptions that the audience  are so accustomed to when it comes to girls on film, is one of the things that makes these characters so refreshing… another thing is play fighting.
One of the best and most talked about scenes in this film is when Frances and Sophie play fight in central park. It’s bizarre and it’s exclusive, you’ll feel like the third wheel watching these two. Magic.

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