Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

My very first blog was called BLOOMWEASLEY, named so because I was in love with Orlando Bloom and Fred Weasley (yes, the Harry Potter character not the actor) Needless to say, I had nothing to say but fangirl about these guys during the height of Lord of the Rings and book 3 of Harry Potter. It was soon abandoned and you will find no traces of this abomination. Ever.

Then there was: You Are in the Clouds and we are in a Basement (taken from Martha Plimpton’s line in GOONIES) and  a sub blog called Bosh and other Stories. In them I intended to write about life and have a platform to write my fictional children’s story Bosh the Great Detectiveⓒ – however I was complacent. I didn’t put in the time to look after the two blogs and I didn’t really feel like it was my personality coming through on the page. So after deliberating the pro’s and cons, I decided that I was going to blog more seriously and make it look a little more clean and put together. I shut up shop in 2009 on Blogger and moved to the increasingly popular and glossy WordPress.

This page was originally called: AND SHE SAID, it was all about what I thought about films and my rambles about things I had seen via social media or elsewhere – basically it was just a place for me to rant and feel like I was taking my writing to the next level. I wanted to be like Carrie Bradshaw but with a passion for film. At this point, out of university and climbing my way up the proverbial TV ladder I had decided that I was going to take the fiction writing seriously and do it privately. I made a conscious decision that my blog was going to be a place of freedom to keep myself doing something on all those days that I wasn’t writing fiction. In short, it made me feel better about not having completed Boshⓒ and it still does. 

Since I have kept reviewing films as and when I can be bothered  it lead to me being selected various other blogs and magazines to write reviews and opened the doors in allowing me to network at film events with other film lovers. I am by no way an expert, but I intend to be.

I also realised that I was essentially talking trash and bashing films (actually my reviews are too nice – I guess I enjoy most of everything I see…) so I changed the name to The Trash Bash. 

What has happened, that I hadn’t intended to, is taking part in the Daily Post challenges. A lot of my blog posts have been taken over by these challenges, and I’m not complaining. When you struggle to write as often as I do, or you just want to engage readers in other ways or simply join in with a community – taking part in the DP challenges are the best ways to do so.  Finding new followers and reading others work has given me the artistic freedom to look at my own and be confident about just writing about whatever I felt like. So instead of a standard film blog it’s expanded into a blog about all sorts which occasionally takes a look at film. I do think I will post more on film though – but it’s usually a conflict of interest to post them here first. Also I have ridiculous backlog…



3 thoughts on “the UNCATEGORISED

  1. Glad you do Blog! I do it because it makes me feel creative and I get to use all thes e random pictures I have been taking for years! YAY!

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