the TELEVISED: the SCIENCE of Happiness…

One last post before Italia!Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 01.54.48

I love this. I think you would too.

Who are Soul Pancake?

Soul Pancake is the brainchild of comedian and actor Rainn Wilson (The Office US, Juno) and his buddies Joshua Homnick and Devon Gundry.  The initiative was to set up in 2008 and renamed and revamped in 2011 as a Think Tank where registered members could interact in open discussions, blog posts and creative activities regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion etc.

It’s so media and so creative* – don’t get me wrong I do love it, I also think people like to talk way too much about everything anyway (pointing at myself here) and there are plenty of places like Soul Pancake to do so.

Their mission statement is unsurprisingly not surprising, but – and its a very big but – I am a sucker for positivity and I do love a good discussion and read through what other people think about things I like to think about,  comprende?

It’s a great hub, makes you feel all warm and smart like a TED talk does. Go see here 

*aka – has no idea what it is but just wants to be something significant…


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