the PEEP SHOW | A Royal Baby: apparently you have no business caring.


This guy ranted the other day about the public being so excited about this baby,  it wasn’t particularly funny, just kind of… bitter. I’m paraphrasing here but what he seemed to say was that the public had no business sticking their nose in (ok, valid, give the woman some room she’s having a baby…like so many others) but what got me was the part about how it would serve the public right if the birth …hadn’t gone so well.

Why? because serve those over-zealous happy lot right – yes?  No.

First of all

Who says that? Who even wants to think that ? There has to be some really sad and cynical part of your being to turn a relatively happy occasion into such a grim one. 


Look at the facts. This child is part of the Monarchy. Being associated with that title by definition means it’s kind of everyone’s business, however fair or unfair that concept might be. 


Not to be pedantic but those of us who live in the UK have a National Anthem (currently) dedicated to his great grand mother …we have history books celebrating his family tree and oh look, his face may even grace a pretty penny – which means his face will, most likely, be in the possession of every single person in this country at some point in his life. So yes i think it is kind of the public’s business to be happy and excited.

Also, this guy is kind of a grump, so you know…’whatevs’.



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