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We are experiencing an unprecedented heat wave in London – and as much as we Brits LOVE to complain about the weather, we find it just as easy to have a gripe about it when it’s hot. We have ACCLIMATISED to the grey, wet and windy island for too long. In London we have one of the best transport links in the world, but it’s also one of the oldest, which means lack of air conditioning.

I implore you to stay away from the London Underground …if you want to live; already notorious for being the one place where we Brits are all forced into an intimate setting but still manage to ignore each other  – the london underground becomes a death trap in the summer heat. Thought I couldn’t look at you before? well now I’m also hot,  irritated and I’m slightly losing consciousness, because London can not adapt to this heat!

That being said I am off to Rome for a Roman Wedding tomorrow and will NOT be posting on here till I return after the 29th July (by which time we will have a new future King or most likely Queen of England!!!)

Don’t forget me x



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