the MUSIC: New Possibilities

There I was, listening to The Mynabirds and suddenly I was immersed in a blockbuster movie:

and then a Dreamworks animation,

I’m always harping about movie scores and orchestral tunes. They evoke the most emotion without words and the thought of a series of layered tracks and instruments working together to create something so majestic is ridiculous to me. I’m obsessed. So Soundcloud has become my new platform to track down such music, and the undiscovered talent on there is awe-inspiring.

It also helps me write because ultimately I want to have a hand in writing and producing at least one screenplay. When I see these blockbuster movies, the score is so important to me. It part of the reason I’ve always loved film, and in my mind I can approach someone on Soundcloud for some future collaborations….one can dream.



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