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Once again Cynthia of Simply Cyn has introduced me to a wailing woman.

The Mynabirds are an American indie pop band fronted by singer-songwriter (and recent addition to The Postal Service) Laura Burhenn (above) – a sort of Ruby Sparks incarnation, who likes to beat drums and frolic with her equally fantastical friends in the enchanted woods. 

A collective of folk, electronica and dance, The Mynabirds recent album Generals is on my go-to Summer 2013 playlist.


Radiator Sister: I like it because it has a similar riff as Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream,  a Summer road trip song.  

Body of Work: It’s another party in the woods. Not going to lie, I still want to attend one; this particular video caught my eye because someone did the Heel & Toe dance in it! A dance move that I haven’t done since 2001. Props.

The Mynabirds – Body of Work from Saddle Creek on Vimeo.


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