No use flogging a dead horse, yes? No.

I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult for magazines to get it through their thick skulls. All it takes is a little sensitivity and reviewed execution. YOU HAVE READERS OF ALL COLOURS. Then why is it that in the first time since I posted about this – And got this in response here AND HERE – am I picking up this damn magazine in 2013 and getting this:

ELLEI’m not in need of any sort of tan. To me, as a woman of colour, it screamed “THIS MAGAZINE IS NOT FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU”.

I vowed never to buy these magazines and that I would not be forced into purchasing ones specifically for Black women. Why should I? WHY is it that a mainstream women’s magazine professing to cater to all actually doesn’t? Why is it that Black women are the number 1 retailers of cosmetics and yet there is a constant drive to exclude us ?

When Elle Magazine wrote to me back in 2012, recognising that they had a problem, they made minor changes. A year on and I’m not blown away but I am disappointed.

They’re so lazy and have no interest in catering for all women. Now for them to change I understand fashion houses, cosmetic brands, and the like, also have to. This is all about advertising and what they have to sell in order to get the money to keep the magazine afloat. I’m not a business head but I get the fundamentals. I’m not even really mad about the tanning lotion, it’s nothing new. I can give it away or throw it away – but had this not been on a special offer, would I have purchased it?

Firstly, them magazine was  sealed and clearly highlighted the free product. You have two choices, to buy or not to. I bought it anyway, because I defy anyone telling me what I can and can’t do for no reasonable reason – plus I had a coupon.

Secondly – why not offer an alternative ‘freebie’ like they do when they give away t-shirts and nail varnish. They do various colours and styles.

When I opened the magazine, I felt sick. I flicked through immediately and couldn’t find a single interview or feature on anyone who wasn’t caucasian. Seriously – not even one. In this day and age. In the UK? I could name about 10 women who are killing it now that would be great fodder for the readers. It’s really not that hard. It shouldn’t be.


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