the PEEP SHOW: Weekly Photo Challenge | Nostalgic

Southwark Cathedral

What: Southwark Cathedral Where: London, Southwark When: Everyday

It’s history is intrinsic to the borough and it’s a beautiful structure of Old England, now surrounded by skyscrapers (The Shard) and busy streets. It’s opposite London Bridge Station, sits on top of Borough Market  and stands at the mouth of the London Bridge. You can even see the hospital I was born in nestled in-between (Guys Hospital)

My vivid memory is of walking from New Kent road, where I was at St Saviours & St Olaves Girls School, to the cathedral. Sometimes the walk was more exciting than the services (at that age, being out of school during school hours with friends is always fun) However I remember stepping into that place, and everything was so big and beige and old-looking – it always felt like stepping back in time. I just believed that I was walking the footsteps of some very influential Englishmen and women. The smell was my favourite, I love the smell of stone and old brick I also love the texture. If you ever visit, go touch the walls. It’s smoother than you think.

I take for granted that I live so close, so I decided to go back after over a decade (I have no idea why it took me so long to visit, maybe it was because I had spent almost 7 years going there?). Everything kind of seemed smaller to me. Its beauty was still preserved impeccably  maybe more so than I remembered. It’s kind of sad because it had taken me so long to really appreciate the wonder, art and history. Sometimes when you’re young,  these things just aren’t as important. Well it’s on my doorstep, and it’s open to the public.

who’s nostalgic for what?


7 thoughts on “the PEEP SHOW: Weekly Photo Challenge | Nostalgic

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  2. My favourite church in London. I love this place. Our secondary school used to hold Christmas Services here and I loved the break times because I could wander around this splendid work. I also loved the fact that it was so near the river.

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