the review {mini}: EAST END FILM FESTIVAL

I’m currently attending the East End Film Festival which takes place in various cinemas around East London, from June 25 to July 10th. I have been impressed so far with the mixture of documentaries short films and features, yesterday I even cried (at a film)

I will be reviewing everything I have seen for Hotminute but I wanted to share my top picks so far;

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The Man Who’s mind Exploded: A documentary film directed by Toby Amies about Drako Oho Zarrhazar. A man who once modelled for Salvador Dali; was involved in 3 severe accidents, and loves surrounding himself with images of naked men. He’s also suffering from degenerative Amnesia, lives on his own and is very stubborn. ‘A story about mental illness, memory, art, cocks, faith and love’ it’s not an easy watch, but Drako is a fantastic subject. 

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4 thoughts on “the review {mini}: EAST END FILM FESTIVAL

  1. Interesting. I grew up in the East End, Bethnal Green, but of course we did not have a film festival in those days (left in 1966), and I believe even most of the cinemas no longer exist. It was the only entertainnment we had i earlier days. We had no television when I was a kid, and we would go to the cinema once a week. The films look interesting. I had a look at your link to the fesitval but could not find where the actual festival takes place, but perhaps I overlooked it. I wonder how many realy Eastenders go to see the films. I know I would if I still lived there.

    • Its Cinemas all over so Hackney Picturehouse (Mare street), Dalston (Rio cinema), Genesis Cinema (Whitechapel).

      Its open to all and the publicity is pretty good but its only in its second year. x

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