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What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?

Endearing posts. It’s a bonus if posts are well written in the grammatical and spelling sense, most are*, but I like blogs which are true to themselves. That logic doesn’t always merge well with the Oxford English Dictionary.  I just like to read something that opens up a question, gives me food for thought or (in most cases) makes me laugh or smile. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREATNESS.

where: Berlin (my favourite place, clearly)

what: Extraordinary ceiling 

when: December 2012

I love architecture – especially in Europe – it’s the greatest. . People past and presents’ ability to engineer some of the most fantastic constructions never ceases to amaze me. I always say “Don’t forget to look up” when you live in a city, especially like London, you forget sometimes how much history surrounds you.


I always pass through regent street and on the rare occasion (early morning) when it’s not busy, I like to look up. The buildings are gorgeous. I don’t know when they date back to, but they’re well-preserved. Just today I was on a train that passes high amongst the rooftops of central london. I saw all the buildings in my neighbourhood from Blackfriars to London Bridge and I have to tell you, It was a pleasing sight from being on the ground. Like it was all lifted out of a Dickens novel – but of course he took his inspiration from the real thing.

Great is in those historic buildings and in the tall sky scrapers emerging on our skyline. It’s not always pretty, sometimes I wish London was like Paris. Our skyline is …intriguing at best. However its about the future, and making our own memories for others to gawp at in years to come.

*I am not professing to be one of them but I think I’m ok.

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