the UNCATEGORISED: Daily Prompt

Honk if you love Elvis

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely — bike? Hot air balloon?

It would have to be a pink Cadillac like the one in the featured picture, along route 66.

It’s still on my bucket list and is perhaps the most done to death dream cross country trip in the history of. 

Its just so cliché but I don’t even care. Your journey is unique and I know I would love mine. For a while I had considered using a Harley bike to get around, but I don’t think I’d like to be that exposed.  I have this romanticised notion of me on the road, Stevie Knicks or Kris Kristofferson on the rusty radio; a bottle of something, a picture of Ryan Gosling in my glove compartment; Raybans on; me falling asleep in the backseat of my pink car, looking up at the stars, with a coyote…howling in the distance (I totally watch way too many films – coyote’s can do serious harm can’t they?) you get the montage idea.

I just like the idea, and I’ve heard the good and the bad, but I need to do it myself; and I have to do it in a Cadillac, I know they’re expensive, but it’s the only way to do it. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVEL.

Where: Berlin, a station somewhere – I was half asleep…


When: Just gone midnight on new years day

This is what I like to call a BUSTRAIN TRAINBUS.


I love them so much, almost as much as I love trams in Europe. Funny little toy-like things. What is special about this is that it looks like the Double-Decker bus’ we have in London but it’s also a train. I thought such strange mergers existed only in Harry Potter books.


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