the UNCATEGORISED: Daily Prompt…


I would happily go back to the mid to late 80s. A few clauses:

  1. I’d be living in America (because the 80s there looked hell of a lot more fun than it did here in Europe) 
  2. I’d be a teenager. The way John Hughes taught me I see it, being a kid in the 80s from the Goonies right through to Uncle Buck (with Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles in between) was tough on the young – but it was a lot of fun too. 
  3. I guess a trip to NYC would be in order – but I kind of feel like living in suburbia wasn’t all that bad back then (unless you lived in a town like the one in Footloose)
  4. I would abuse the chance to see every musician who is dead now but had peaked or were still alive back then e.g. MJ, Whitney, Nina Simone, Dusty Springfield, Queen with Freddie, James Brown, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye and so on and so forth.
  5. I would also make a point of going to a really good rock concert – because according to every 80s movie, rock in the USA was good back then. Very good.

I think Film and TV was great back then, blockbusters were family orientated and just so well done, it’s a wonder why we’re left with an industry so desperate to rehash things from this decade, or struggling to do anything original at all. 

At least if all that was all fiction, there is no denying that 80s music and fashion was infamously …eccentric. 

I mean i grew up loving 80s shows, style and music. I was basically born then, and just as I was getting used to it, the 90s happened. Ugh, Nirvana and board shorts? No thank you, I was all about block colours and Brand (Pictured above).

Otherwise i am quite content where I am, but it’s still hard to watch all those films and shows now that I’m older than the characters in them.


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