Photographers, artists, poets: show us JUMP.

2013 is all about Jumping. I am lucky enough to have two best friends who can be as silly as me; it’s because of this common trait that we started the JUMP FILE. It’s an idea I came across from the lovely Paola of the blog Finding Paola:Lost in New York . I knew I had found my calling; the three of us were no strangers to jumping (a brief trip in 2009 to NYC means actually, we’d been collating a jump log long before Paola…)

However a new milestone in all of our lives began in 2013 –  with marriage;  a new ventures  and a declaration to count our blessings, we have a lot to jump for.


where: Feast food festival

when: March 2013

what: Jump file resumed. 



4 thoughts on “the PEEP SHOW:

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