I love fashion, no, actually I like fashion but I love style. I love the attitude that comes with it,  if the outfit is over the top, if you can carry it off then its beyond being ‘a look’ for me, that is style.

Clothes sure do not maketh the woman but it sure can be an extension of someones character.

bit of product placement when done well doesn’t make me recoil. Back in the day those infamous Gap adverts were so iconic to me, I guess I knew from then on that fashion didn’t have to be serious, there is no rule book – no amount of money spent on glossy magazines was going to give me style, because that is something you actually can not buy.

Mixing fashion and film then I am sold even more; Sofia Coppola does this extremely well and her Miss Dior and H&M Marni adverts were beautiful. Take Ava DuVernay’s short film in collaboration with Miu Miu.

So when I saw this short campaign promo in celebration of the Hennes & Mauritz/ Isabel Marant merge for winter this year, I soon realised that I was in love,  not with the idea of getting my hands on the already highly anticipated collection – but with the subject at the centre of this hype, Marant herself and the composition of this short film.

Marant’s effortless and explicitly cool French style, kills me. She mentions the design process being ‘organic’ and everything falls into place and it so poignant when watching this. Intentionally unintentional it’s not expertly shot, making it look like it was put together last minute by a production team who had managed to grab Marant over a quick coffee, before she caught a flight to …oh I don’t know, Milan.

I like it, I like that she’s so under-styled, because she is, first and foremost a designer, there is a difference, but somehow just looking at her I want everything she’s wearing – or do I just want whatever she’s giving off? Moreover – I think I want my life to be a wash of pastel colours, pull focus’and jumpcut’s. Easy watch.



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