I wanted to call this post – Where are you! come back to me but I thought that sounded silly.

I was watching one of my go-to feel good films of all time [Three Men and a Baby] the other day and not more than two weeks ago I had indulged in some Cocoon and Police Academy 2 on the telly.

Half an hour into each movie I got to thinking about a few things, such as: my own mortality –  these films bring up such happy memories for me, they were essential to my formative years and lay down much of the foundation that contributes to my love of film today. Plus films in the mid 80s/early 90s were  crazy entertaining and super family orientated, I just remember thinking the world was a happy place where three grown white men would happily adopt me if I turned up at their doorstep, and where all black men could make helicopter sounds and talk out of sync*;  instead of reaching for Ben & Jerry to wallow in the reality that  I was, in fact, jealous of my younger self, I was distracted by something else or rather someone else

*My dad was a cross between Eddie Murphy and Michael Winslow back then, or so I liked to think…the former he was actually mistaken for by some Japanese tourists in Germany back in the 80s. He signed autographs because they didn’t understand him when he said he wasn’t Eddie.


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