the PEEP SHOW: Daily Prompt | Do Not Disturb

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PRIVATE.


Mine is a little tongue in cheek and i got the idea from pop culture here’s why:

If you pay attention to trash pop culture then you’ll know who Kim Kardashian is and you’ll know who Kanye West is; I’m not here to school you on either but last year a single was released by the formers ex, Ray J (who?) featuring a pixellated image of Kim.


               Ray J’s very obvious pixel cover                                                            original magazine image

The result was of a vulgar declaration that he in fact had “hit it first”  before her current beau did…(you know hit it)  but in a double whammy he took the idea for the cover from a pixellated Kanye West album cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy  – this one: 

kanye-sm (1)kanye-sm

                            Kanye’s album cover                                                                original artwork.

Once you see the original image then its pretty hard not to see it in the pixellated version. So many lines are blurred when it comes to Ray J’s cover, literally and morally;  before the original image was tracked down everyone knew who the pixellated image was of; regardless of what the original desired effect is supposed to do, if you take an image that’s already out there and put it next to the original –  privacy over.

So is nothing ever private ?  Well when your life is about publicity and you’re one of the most photographed women in history – probably not –  but  for us lucky many, we can still retain it. 

I wanted to use the irony of having a ‘private’ pixel image on my own doorstep, and echo what had already been echoed (I guess it’s an Meme?) My front door signals privacy. Its our home, and it’s not always open unless we invite you in. What goes on behind close doors is private right? so this is the perfect example of that whilst making fun of the above. You know what it is because you see the clear image next to it, but it’s still closed. 

– all images are courtesy of google images –

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