the UNCATEGORISED: Daily Prompt | Freedom of Facebook

Facebook has recently come under attack for failing to enforce its own guidelines on hate speech and violent imagery. Is it a website’s job to moderate the content users post, or should users have freedom to say what they want? Is there a happy medium? If so, how would you structure it?

 As someone who recently departed from FB, I left for personal reasons, I recognised  it played a part in my everyday attitude towards life and just my character in general. I know: how on earth can someone take a networking site so seriously? 

That’s exactly why I decided to take a step back. 

I didn’t like the way I was using it. It had gone beyond a friendly pool of keeping in touch with friends and posting pictures. It became looking incessantly at what other people were doing for fun without me and most of them people i didn’t even know anymore. Sure its great for international friends, or people you want to check in with sporadically. Facebook is amazing for all that, however it’s also a public invitation to incite hate, depressive thoughts and feelings and it’s so NOT inclusive if anything I felt alienated. There wasn’t free about Facebook – everyone was bound my their need to snoop, and over-share and it felt so stifling.

I don’t find myself sinking into a jealous rut if I see a bikini clad, at best acquaintance, married, successful living or partying somewhere amazing; I don’t have to scroll down and   see a cryptic yet wholly unnecessary dig at whomever for whatever reason via someones status update; no who’s in a relationship or who’s single; I don’t have to suffer the humiliating practice of de-friending or friending someone – what a horrible concept to place upon people? that we can disregard one another by clicking a button – no wonder people buckle with confrontation and others come off as passive aggressive if friendships are  conducted more or less behind screens.

If there are guidelines then yes – it’s the responsibility of the website to moderate them – that is the follow through for setting guidelines up  after all and the bottom line is, I do think people need to be moderated when hate or statements with vitriolic  intent are concerned.

However the other side of it is, is that so many sites like FB have come under fire for not regarding people’s privacy – so there in lies a catch 22. I am a sole believer of people taking responsibility  for their actions – I didn’t like the way FB was making me feel or how I was using it, so I got off. I appreciate that some people are victims or may not want to leave so an alternative might be to issue in a: pending and moderate wall. If certain keywords are detected it needs to be sent through for verification. Someone on the other side can read it and let it pass. Again, privacy and freedom of speech laws from the sites come into question.

I don’t know if there is a ‘happy’ medium.

7 thoughts on “the UNCATEGORISED: Daily Prompt | Freedom of Facebook

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  3. I’ve been told (rumoured) that working at Facebook is a lot of fun…and a lot of drinking. I’ve since started using Facebook for Social Media marketing and interaction. Deleting a lot of my acquaintances and cutting my friend list in half was a way to solve a lot of these problems you listed. 🙂 Glad to know I’m not the only one that dislikes the direction of the Facebook community.

    • Hey Benny; Social Media Marketing is one of the reasons FACEBOOK is so great. Almost everyone has one and it’s easy to navigate – plus its got a link to every other other network. For me, I don’t really have anything I would go back on it for – i did cull alot of people, but thats because when i first logged on in 2007, I added practically everyone I was in the same room as. For business there’s LinkedIn now so I’m on that 🙂

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