They may not have recorded it live together – but this song – it’s one of those songs that I have always known the words to. I remember watching the tribute concert to Freddie Mercury feat. Bowie, Annie Lennox and the surviving members of Queen singing it and crying when it came on: I’d like to point out that yes Annie Lennox, though  no match to Freddie Mercury in the 1992 tribute show and that as 6-year-old with a high intolerance to famous people with hideous make-up*. I was crying because I think it echoed that life was hard, unfair but kind of nice too. Also Freddie was dead and here they were singing one of the favourite songs I’d known in my short life, and I knew he wasn’t coming back to sing it. 

I chose the infamous Wembley 86 video – because it’s my birth year and it’s one of the best live performances I’ve seen.

* Growing up as a toddler/kid in the late 80s and early 90s – with a sister 7 years older – I was subjected to the horrors of what was then popular ‘young’ cinema. Anjelica Huston in WitchesFreddie Kruger; Edward Scissorhands (though I’ll admit, I fancied him too); Child’s Play; IT and Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit…to name but a few.


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