the PEEP SHOW : Gothenburg {Göteborg}


I have had another wonderful trip outside of the UK into Europe, and this time it was to Sweden*. Stockholm and Malmo were off the cards as we headed to the harbour city of Göteborg, also known as Little London on account of its historical ties with the British capital, that helped to shape much of its structural facade and its similarities in climate.

What I loved about the city was:

  • how green and eco conscious it is;
  • the landscapes are stunning especially when venturing to the archipelagos;
  • the small naval town summer homes (so cute)
  • it’s very hilly, think San Fran;
  • the smell of the harbour near by, fish is good here!
  • the shopping is pretty impressive.
  • Also everyone is chilled. There are plenty of cafe’s to sit back and people watch in, and pastries and good entertainment is never hard to find.

Lesson over. 

Pictures! (some of them anyway)

*not actually part of the EU

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