the UNCATEGORISED: Weekly Writing Challenge | Through the Door

by Michael Pick on May 6, 2013

In this week’s creative writing challenge, we’re pushing you through a door. Come on in.

The door to your house/flat/apartment/abode has come unstuck in time. The next time you walk through it, you find yourself in the same place, but a different time entirely. Where are you, and what happens next?

THE doorknob gave way and opened up to a landscape of colours and light so beautiful that I cried suddenly. My heart was heavy but my body wanted to fly. fly Into the calmness, into the millions of planets and billions of distant sparkles. Everything was surrounded by dark and silence. If you wanted to know what silence really looked like, It was here. In the dark was so much light, and in the silence was a jarring constant. I took one more look back into my happy home. There it was, so still, so lived in, so familiar. With my heavy heart I closed my eyes, I spread my arms and backed out of the door, and although i did not fall back, I did not fly. I floated. Suspended in the dark.

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