the PEEP SHOW: Daily Prompt | Wall to Wall

by michelle w. on April 26, 2013

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?…

I live at home so I have no control over what goes on the walls outside my room. I will hopefully be getting place of my own soon, so I haven’t decorated since 2000 (that’s a lie, I’ve never really decorated – as much as I adore my family, I left for 3 years for University, and now I don’t want to entertain the idea of living here much for longer) I currently have random things from yesteryear on my walls that don’t necessarily reflect my mood anymore but still hold a purpose or practical value, let’s take a tour of our little South East london flat.

LIVING ROOM : My parents (my mum) lived in Germany for 10 years. They lived with my sisters Godmother (Mutti as we called her) and I am convinced her obsession with florals began – I also suspect that my mum was an Anglo-phile when they moved to London so she put pictures of Jane Austen-esque english countryside houses and vases; she also had an unhealthy obsession with Laura Ashley, hence the floral wallpaper and curtains that she made herself *proud*. Dotted around you’ll find pictures of the kids (me in the middle as I am middle born – get it?) and my grandparents (my dads parents) now passed.


HALLWAY :  Ghana has strong roots in christianity, and spirits which makes sense since it was colonised and christianity was a secondary religion brought in after their initial voo doo style beliefs. I was brought up to have faith in God, but my parents are liberal when it comes to practicing it. My Dad doesn’t think he needs to be in a building to live a good life and feel close to God. My mother doesn’t like churches in England  she finds them dull tut tut .  So these 2 pictures on the wall in the hallway are a little random, but it kind  of epitomises how my parents like to expose their faith. It’s a beautiful verse Footprints, well-known too. The other one is a prayer to Jesus, I totally thought the little girl was me when I was growing up.


MINE: How to explain this. I am random. My wall is random, there is hardly any of it so I don’t have much up there, but because I am a mix and match (I try to be minimal, really it just doesn’t suit my creative complex mind) nothing really works, but it does…does that make sense? I have one clock that looks like a watch for a giant girl (or how I used to look at it when I was 12) I have a printed cloth all the way from…a shop in Shepherds Bush, London (originally created in Kenya).  I have a random knitted image of a pot of flowers (my mum’s contribution) I also have a paraphernalia board that I created when I was like 13 and a ‘Akwaaba (welcome)’ print from Ghana.


MY FAVE:…but this, this is my favourite wall. Its the biggest feature in my room in terms of wall space it takes up most of it, and its the thing I look at most and which influences me and really determines my mood.



What are others saying about their walls? 


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