the PEEP SHOW: Daily Prompt: Stranger | A day in the life of me

by michelle w. on April 23, 2013

Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

Funnily enough tonight I attended  the SUMMER of CINEMA 2013 preview event, courtesy of the Movie Preview Network hosted by the lovely Alex Zane (British TV presenter/DJ and film buff) and held in the gorgeous location of Somerset House. A perfect summers evening, with free-flowing booze, chatter and, perhaps my most favourite, movie talk. Seriously excited about a few things this year of which I will post about another time, but on to serious matters.


I met this guy (above pic); I don’t know how he appeared – he just did. A very random form of entertainment to have for movie previewing, but a welcomed one.


The fleeting part comes down to the fact that he was so fricking fast at sketching this caricature. Like 7 MINUTES! It was quick and fun, not at all like the laborious effort I had always imagined sitting through something like this would be.



and yes, I am  that mischievous looking. What do you think?

N.B: Don’t you think the caricaturist bears a passing resemblance to actor Rafe ‘son of Timothy’ Spall (below)?



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