I’ve been meaning to update this category. I’ve been lazy which isn’t surprising seeing as I watch a lot of TV but is when it comes to me reviewing it. Have you seen TV? it’s so good right now and preferable to anything you may find in the cinema. There are exceptions of course:

BBC’s RIPPER STREET was teased over the Olympic summer of 2012 and the teaser tasted so good, look, click on the picture:


Unfortunately for us, it took at least 5 months for the series to air, by then the trailer was the best and only thing the British audience – still coming down from a historic year high – had seen. Riding on the coattails of the Olympics, Ripper Street should have been out sooner, but it wasn’t, and so we were less forgiving.

As the title suggests this show draws on one of the most famous elusive criminals in British history, or rather the streets where he committed his heinous crimes. It’s been a little while since Jack has hit the whore infested cobbles of Whitechapel, but with his identity still a mystery (one that will last long after this show probably will) what you actually get is a series of weak self-contained crime stories, where everyone is living in the shadow of the Ripper, but also hardly ever mention him – eh?. To be fair, I get the sense that this is perhaps all building up to a better more revealing show in the future, maybe a cat and mouse game ala Sherlock and Moriarty? Maybe.


Though I watched the whole series, I was left wanting (no joke that is how lead actor Matthew McFadyen speaks, like all the time). It’s annoying when there’s a great cast of returning TV talent (Jerome Flynn! where have you been?)  and new rising starsShould have stayed on the Olympic bandwagon guys… maybe then we would have bypassed its’ placid, wishy-washy story-lines or the ridiculous   costumes. Look at poor Rose (above, on the far left facing), she may be a common whore but she looks like an awkward one… from  1989 NOT 1889, and don’t get me started on the rest  – hot mess. It needs to decide what it wants to be; a drama, with all the intentions of being dramatic like Sherlock, or more like Dr Who (which I love,) – throwing all caution (and period costume decency) into the wind.

Lesson: Don’t judge a tv show by its trailer let alone a teaser! It’s some kind of mad wizardry (also called editing) playing tricks and enticing you; I have to admit I was really disappointed. I don’t know if it is coming back, I don’t know if they’re showing in other countries; If the former is yes, then I will probably have to dip into an episode or two…it’d be rude not to give it another chance after all.

NB:  Jerome Flynn has apparently been in Game of Thrones, but i am saving this box set for an epic marathon. Also I kind of want to read the books…


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