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by Cheri Lucas on April 19, 2013

In the DC comics universe, a planet called “Htrae” (“Earth” spelled backwards) is populated with bizarre versions of superheroes. A Seinfeld episode made the idea of this Bizarro World popular, where the characters encountered their opposite selves.

  • Craft a scene in which you meet an opposite version of yourself — or a story in a bizarre, backwards world.
Rush hour on the busy city street as people, in business suits but smiling faces, pack the pavements outside of the various pubs and bars that line the street. Everyone is having that Friday feeling. It has been a perfect summer’s day. Not a single cloud in the sky all morning and now, the gradual sunset was casting a dreamy veil of orange, purples and patches of light blues.
All at once a darkness descends. A thunderous sound engulfs the city, sending the earth trembling; a collective of car alarms to go off, shop windows to crack and vehicles to slam on the brakes. In one swell swoop the city has descended into utter chaos.  The sky, now a dark wash of blue and grey, illuminates blinding everyone under its sudden glare. The busy street of  spectators flee, trampling over each other to gain refuge in the pub houses and surrounding cafe’s.  Suddenly the heavens opens up and what looks like minuscule hail stones shower down fast and hard on the screaming people below.
A young woman perches low under the bright sky, her head hung low as the bright light catches the silver plated metal boots she wears on her feet. Each shoe is adorned with uncommonly large spurs, both scuffed and covered in a dark reddish-brown liquid. Her body is clothed with what can only be described as a black sheen, almost second skin.
The sounds of shattered glass starts to rise as the hail storm beats away at the looming Shard building. The woman lifts her head slowly,  allowing the icy drops to cut at her dark face but barely flinching from the pain. 
Her cat-like dark eyes search the skies frantically, then freeze and hang into the frazzled grey and indigo abyss. There is no sun, no moon, no streetlights now… the only glare comes from an unknown thing. 
It’s here…
A terrible scream reverberates the earth for a second time, followed by a deathly silence. The hail storm ceases, and the sky grows ever darker. The woman looks at her boots. As long as they were on her feet, it would find her. It was coming for her now, but if she stayed down here, it would kill all those people first and then it would find her and kill her too. The sky began to tremble. It was now or never.
the shard
She backed away from where she had fallen. Taking her place across the other side of Tooley Street she craned her neck to get a better look at the mirrored pointy skyscraper. The sky trembled more violently, she was running out of time. In the eerie pause between the tremble and what would be the arrival of the terrible beast, she heard the distant cries of the people. She knew what she had to do.
She took a running start, gathering momentum with every pounding of the street. Her spurs sent silver sparks juttering from her boots as she ran. A discarded  white van, titled onto its side provided the perfect jump off to take her from the ground to the side of the building. Before she knew it she was running upwards, a quick glance back presented the world titled upside down behind her. The cars and shops grew smaller as she climbed faster and higher. 
The top of the Shard was flat, surrounded by a shield of pointed glass. In the centre of it a tall crane with a large blinking red orb stood. She was sure that the souls on the planes that had been in the sky tonight were dead or injured in a wreck somewhere without help.
She waited, her spurs sparking still. Looking down on the ground something caught her eye. She bent low to pick up one of the stones icy hail stones that had fallen moments before. Inspecting it closely she placed the glinting stone to her lips and bit on it.
The tremble shook the whole earth, the shard windows rattled and somewhere she heard the glass plates falling, she prayed the people were safe. It was too late for anything else now, they’d all have to wait this out. She waited, digging her heels into the stone floor as if she was willing herself to stay put. Then it came. 
Too large to take in but too large for it not to consume whoever looked at it. Somewhere in that terrifying mass she could see it looking at her, as if it had known her exact location the whole time. Every breath it took trembled everything around it.The gap in the sky in which it occupied gave a sneak peek to the sunny day that had been lost behind the black veil. She had to get rid of it, fast. She lifted her boot, taking care to keep her eyes on the sky at all times. It watched her as she glided her finger across the spurs, lifted her finger and licked it. The sight of seeing its own blood smeared across the bottom of her boot enraged the beast. She knew it would. She waited for it to make its next move and then, then she would go in. 
The beast grew large, sucking in all the air and creating a whirlpool with it. She was lifted into the air within seconds, but managed to grab onto the crane in the middle of the space. The red orb continued to blink steadily amongst the chaos. She waited, desperately searching for the hole she had created in its large dark mass. Another eerie pause fell upon the earth. She braced herself for the exhale, and sure enough with it a billion tiny diamonds, not hail stones, came at her, cutting away at her skin and her clothes. She knew that when it stopped, she would be in a bad way. In fact she was sure the stones had impaled her insides, but she still had a job to do it. She held on tightly, one last push and she would go in. Yes. One last push. She would kill it once and for all…

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